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Wheel repair of any kind is an extraordinary value to customers. Our wheel repairs provide the customer with a hassle-free choice and a satisfactory result for the price. We provide quick and appropriate cosmetic enhancement to curb rash or other damage to alloy wheels at our shop on Hunter Rd.


Some wheel damage, which appears extensive, can be relatively basic to repair. In contrast, what appears as minor damage to a wheel might require many hours of labor to restore.

Heavy damage is always most labor intensive. In addition, cosmetic repairs that require filling will take extra time for curing and priming. If the damage is extensive the wheel might require welding. If this is the case, the wheel will most likely need to be repainted. If, after inspection, it is determined that the safety of the wheel has been compromised, we will recommend that it be replaced. Even minor damage can sometimes be very tricky to repair. In all cases, the factors that determine the difficulty are the DESIGN of the wheel, the LOCATION of the damage, and the FINISH of the wheel.


Three piece, two piece and wheels that have numerous spokes or multiple surface areas require the most labor. The areas between bolts, assembly and other tight areas require repairs by hand and are very labor intensive.


In general, if the damage is confined to the outer areas of the wheel, the repairs should be basic. Damage on or between the spokes, face damage, or damage to assembly areas, or lug nut holes all require added labor.


The amount of labor required to make acceptable repairs is also highly dependent on the finish of the wheel. Wheel finishes vary and the section on this page that deals with wheel finishes identifies the most common.


Considering the above factors, it stands to reason that the most basic repair would be light damage to the outermost portion of any type wheel. This type of repair would therefore be the cheapest. The cost of the repair increases as the damage extends to more areas of the wheel. Needless to say, the most expensive repair involves total surface reconditioning. We refer to these repairs as non-standard.


Even if the damage goes beyond the outer portion of the wheel, some repairs are still relatively basic. For example, one-piece painted wheels with large spokes require much less labor than polished or machined wheels with small intricate spokes and multiple surfaces. Repairs to face damage on these type of wheels are also much more difficult and get progressively harder if the wheel is two piece with assembly bolts.

The amount of labor required to do certain repairs is exactly the same, whether the replacement cost of the wheel is $150 or $1,500. In addition to replacement cost consideration, all of the aforementioned repair difficulties must be considered before you decide to replace a wheel or have it repaired.

Hours of Operation Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5pm

33 Hunter Road | Hilton Head Island

843-689-2221 | info@a1autodetailinghh.com

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